Mano_blu The first consultation

The story between E.I.S.T. and our clients starts with a telephone interview in which the clients briefly explain their problem and requirements to our team coordinator.

The second step is a consultation, whose objective is to get to know each other and to assess in detail the problem or problems for which you have come to us and to discuss together what would be the best approach to take in dealing with them.

The consultation will usually end with a treatment proposal or an answer to the clinical question posed (diagnostic, evaluation of problems, choices etc.).
The consultation does not necessarily imply mutual preventive commitment.

During the consultation we assess together with the clients which type of intervention would be most appropriate for their particular situation: individual psychotherapy? Is it appropriate to involve the couple? Is it possible to use resources to include, for some or all the steps of the therapy, all family members?
The systemic approach of our clinical practice remains unchanged but much attention is given to the choice of treatments.