Mano_arancio Enrolment

Enrolment applications may be made to the director of the school by e–mail or ordinary post by July 15 each year.
A Curriculum vitae should be attached to all applications
Assessment of candidate’s motivation and suitability through an in-depth interview with one of the course teachers.

A Degree in Psychology or Medicine and/or Surgery
Qualification to practice the profession
Working knowledge of English (in years three and four some lessons will be held in English)

Selection criteria will be based on the following:
academic preparation and level of degree, qualifications such as publications, doctoral, master and other courses.
work in the field of clinical psychology, other fields of psychology or related areas.
motivation and attitude towards psychotherapy.
knowledge of systemic therapy through: post–graduate experience with a systemic approach.
knowledge of other clinical approaches, in particular cognitive therapy and psychoanalysis, documented by specific experience.
post-graduate clinical training, thesis on clinical approaches.
working knowledge of written and spoken English.

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